3D-Coat first impressions


Many that have never seen my site ask what kind of artwork I do and are usually surprised when I mention 3D art/Animation. That being said, I’ve decided to post a quick review about a program I recently acquired called 3D-Coat.

3D-Coat is a program that allows the artist to digitally sculpt and paint their work (think of digital clay). For years I believed Z-Brush was the only go to software providing digitally sculpting capabilities. And for all of you die hard digital creators, yes I knooow other programs are available like Mudbox, Sculptris etc., so please no hate mail. The reason I’m writing about 3D-Coat is because the user interface is very user friendly. Z-Brush is a wonderful program, but the original structure is based around creating a brush (saved object) from whatever you are working on. Yes, a saved brush has its benefits. But it is immensely wonderful to be able to dive right in and start creating if you need to.

As my work develops with 3D-Coat I will add additional posts showing my progress. For now, the following is some of the work that other artists have produced.




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