New Ideas

So I’ve been writing down a lot of ideas for my next series of artwork. Anybody that knows me well knows I believe in a higher power and greater purpose. On the same note I am not fond of the traditional imagery of religious artwork, but would rather capture and portray the deeper meaning behind my faith. I do not create my artwork as a hidden tool to advertise God or any form of religion. Nor do I expect somebody to adhere to what I believe in or think any less of somebody that does not. My art is a reflection of me. And if it inspires others, then I am┬áthankful I am able to create something that does so.

The following is an outline of topics that my work will be based around in the near future:

The Son of Man

In the Beginning

Human Interaction

Consciousness, the Function of the Brain

Light vs. Dark

The Way of Things, Peaceful Occurrences

A Mustard Seed

Love vs. Hate



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