3D-Coat first impressions


Many that have never seen my site ask what kind of artwork I do and are usually surprised when I mention 3D art/Animation. That being said, I’ve decided to post a quick review about a program I recently acquired called 3D-Coat.

3D-Coat is a program that allows the artist to digitally sculpt and paint their work (think of digital clay). For years I believed Z-Brush was the only go to software providing digitally sculpting capabilities. And for all of you die hard digital creators, yes I knooow other programs are available like Mudbox, Sculptris etc., so please no hate mail. The reason I’m writing about 3D-Coat is because the user interface is very user friendly. Z-Brush is a wonderful program, but the original structure is based around creating a brush (saved object) from whatever you are working on. Yes, a saved brush has its benefits. But it is immensely wonderful to be able to dive right in and start creating if you need to.

As my work develops with 3D-Coat I will add additional posts showing my progress. For now, the following is some of the work that other artists have produced.




What’s your number?

While listening to the Radio Lab podcast How Much would You Pay for a Year of Life? http://www.radiolab.org/story/what-year-life-worth/ I came to the conclusion that most people will be given a number towards the end of their life. Whether it be from old age, disease, an accident, or whatever, each one of us will be given a number of how many days, weeks, months, or years we have to live. Unless a person faces a tragic ending, all of us will have to accept the number given to us that our physical bodies will soon pass away and we will cross over into the unknown.

I have decided that I will soon seek out individuals that have been given a certain time to live. I want to get to know them and experience what they are feeling. Then with their permission, I will paint a portrait of each individual holding a card with the number they have been given.

I feel like the portraits will carry considerably more weight than the standard portrait because by creating a portrait of, and immortalizing each individual that is facing death, is considerably more personal to the viewer even if they do not know the individual being painted. I am also curious to see how I will respond through my painting of each portrait as I get to know each person and they pass away.

Amazing Anatomy

I’ve always been fascinated by the mechanics of human anatomy. To think of all of the different functions taking place as muscle fibers contract to pull rigid bones, while electronic pulses from our brain are being sent throughout our bodies readying it for the next movement is incredible. Many of you may see this fascination come out in my artwork. The human body is such a beautiful form that I can’t help but to attempt to capture it either in motion as it exerts energy, or as a static image to marvel at its creation.

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