The Experience Project

Photo by Fahrul Azmi on Unsplash
The Experience is a series of Virtual Reality encounters that take place during historically accurate events occurring at real locations (Phase 1), and also fictional event worlds (Phase 2).
The intent of The Experience is for subscribers to be able to enter a historical event taking place as if they are actually there while it is occurring. Events occur in real time, roughly during a 24 hour period depending on each event. Each event will have pre-programmed actors or bots. Some of the actors can be interacted with, while others can not.
The events will fall under two categories: Historical and Inspired.
1. Historical – (The primary reason for The Experience) – To tell the written unbiased/unprejudiced historical accounts of the human race told from texts such as Historical Studies, Religious Manuscripts, and Scientific Studies as we know it . Examples are as follows and is intended to be scaleable:
A. The Library of Alexandria
B. The burial of an Egyptian Pharaoh
C. A Roman Colosseum & surrounding life
D. The Crucifixion of Christ
E. The Prophet Mohamed
F. Mayan Temples and surrounding life
G.The I have a Dream Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
H. Lincoln’s Assassination
I. Kitty Hawk – First Flight
J. Signing of the Declaration of Independence
K. Life during the Ming Dynasty
2. Inspired – To tell of worlds that don’t exist yet, or may never, but of things that may be possible. Examples are as follows:
A. A Civilian City at it’s best if we had no restriction or setbacks. A utopian inspired city focused on the best we can be as a civilization
B. Life in the year 2200
C. An Underwater City
D. An Alien Planet according to scientists
E. Humanities Last Hour – What the world could be like after long term climate change effects
F. Life after Physical Death – An account if it exists
The Experience will be developed using game engine’s (such as Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine). The Historical Phase is intended for small profit or no profit as it is meant to be an educational tool for both public and private use. The Inspired Phase is intended for profit to help subsidize the Historical Phase and will be equally if not more intriguing.
Started blocking out the ancient pyramids and creating a walk through in Unreal: