What’s your number?

While listening to the Radio Lab podcast How Much would You Pay for a Year of Life? http://www.radiolab.org/story/what-year-life-worth/ I came to the conclusion that most people will be given a number towards the end of their life. Whether it be from old age, disease, an accident, or whatever, each one of us will be given a number of how many days, weeks, months, or years we have to live. Unless a person faces a tragic ending, all of us will have to accept the number given to us that our physical bodies will soon pass away and we will cross over into the unknown.

I have decided that I will soon seek out individuals that have been given a certain time to live. I want to get to know them and experience what they are feeling. Then with their permission, I will paint a portrait of each individual holding a card with the number they have been given.

I feel like the portraits will carry considerably more weight than the standard portrait because by creating a portrait of, and immortalizing each individual that is facing death, is considerably more personal to the viewer even if they do not know the individual being painted. I am also curious to see how I will respond through my painting of each portrait as I get to know each person and they pass away.

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